Controllex Orientation

Controllex Orientation
01/12/2016 Saleh Alwallan
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Since day one, controllex is adopting latest technologies among its platform. Trying to provide the best features to its users. Building and designing according to standards of each operating system it exist on.

For starters, the rapid change in the technology industry makes it important to any company to fulfill the gap between its applications and new changes that are happening fast. Controllex has assigned teams from different parts of the world to deliver great output matching the latest technologies. Assuring its users access to latest everything. 

Culture is important to nurture inovation. Building a multicultural team through out the world was a challenging goal, and driving it toward creating an outstanding mix of hardware and software has been one of controllex’s greatest challenges and investments. 

Controllex relies on third parties’ great inovation and tools as part of what makes its hardware and software as great and convenient as seen in controllex products. Right after building the best hardware and the best software, controllex team comes to play an important role in fine tuning the experience to fit its clients needs completely. It doesn’t stop there, controllex takes more initiatives toward outreaching toward its clients’ worries regarding redundancy and instability, and offers a life long relationship by labeling its products with warranties that shall guarantee trust with its clients.

Once a company matches an operating system’s standard; it reduces risk of not delivering a quality experience to its users. In the same time, it’s very challenging to architect a system to fit all platforms and all operating systems and still acquire high satisfaction rates among users. Controllex is matching all platforms standard in terms of programming/coding, designing, and security. The great architecture that comes in its platform and the big investment in its backend, made it easy for controllex team to connect any IOT product fast.

To conclude what is mentioned above; matching latest technologies is very important for any company to succeed, multicultural teams are very beneficial when building a perfect product. Establishing a good relationship makes clients’ invest more and buy the company’s products. Last but not least, building an eco environment made controllex more capable to adapt with changes and bear its fruits instead of handling it and treating it as risk. 

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