Where are we heading

Where are we heading
13/12/2016 Saleh Alwallan
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In the last years, we’ve seen a great development in Internet speeds.  Wide range of 3G and 4G networks started to cover all aspects of all cities. Microcomputing and fast processing capabilities has been the trend of our time. Smart phones are smarter and faster and with a lot bigger memory. Cloud computering is more mature than ever. Open source software community is bigger and bigger. 

First of all, Internet speed is a good indicator of how fast information can reach an individual. Individuals with faster Internet are more likely to have more access to information than others with less internet speeds. Looking at the behavior of users; faster Internet equals more data consumption. Once users get bigger exposure to information they will have more potential and better chances of solving problems before others which will more likely end up having more competitive advantage. Moreover, from a hardware prospective, with the rapid increase in Internet speeds hardware manufacturers try to utilize this capability and build devices that mainly relies on these features to deliver a better user experience. In controllex, we like to take advantage of this great opportunity and build products which delivers the best experience possible without having to utilise the whole capacity and capability of the users Internet end points.

In addition, 3G and 4G networks are becoming more popular in all cities worldwide. Most of the hardware in the market nowadays can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi connects to the internet through either a wired endpoint or a non-wired endpoint which in this case will be mostly using 3G or 4G. The manufacturing capability for hardware companies to build 3G and 4G modules has become more stable and mature and the pricing of these technologies has become more efficient. Nothing the less, the rising amount of competition among telecom providers make them under a lot of risk of a major reduction in cash flow and margin, and implementing innovation might be the only way for these telecom providers to survive this amount of competition. With the wide and stable networks covering all cities, and the great reduction of modules connecting to these networks, and the open doors of telecom providers to adopt innovation; controllex tries to contribute with solutions that shall utilize these networks, to deliver a more simple, user friendly products.

Furthermore, microcomputers and micro-controllers has become the trend of our time. More calculation, better results, and less ambiguity among reaching the ultimate outcome. A very small device in the hand of a student can do calculation much faster than a supercomputer 20 years ago. With an enormous amount of memory that can hold libraries filled with millions of books in this very small device. Controllex team, likes the fact that we can use these technologies and provide them to our clients and make our products smarter and more beneficial, so we don’t hesitate to implement the best microcontroller in every line of products we manufacture.

Smart phones devices are the stars of this technological era. The wireless electronic circuit that can allow you to have a call on Mountain Everest and in less than one second you connect with someone in the desert of Saudi Arabia and tell them “Hi”.

The wind that magically opens your air-conditioning from thousands of kilometres away through a press of a button. The tool that contributes in most of your daily activities is the tool that we think has the greatest potential of being close to you. We take it in controllex super seriously, to build the best apps to allow you to use your phone in a more convenient and simpler way. Controllex take initiative to build apps on all iOS and android platforms. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and apple car. Android phone, android tablet, android watch, android PC, android TV, and android car. Studies has shown that users tend to use their phones a bit more then all of the previously mentioned devices so we empower our phone apps very much like all of our apps with all types of features to assure our clients the best experience ever.

Moreover, cloud computing is the middleman doing all the communication and networking and processing and storage of this day and age. Many technological breakthroughs are happening due to the maturity of this sector of technology. Companies are shifting their applications from owning their own servers and operating them through relying on third parties. Cloud computering companies are providing free software free consultation and much more to attract their clients towards their platforms. The overall cost of operating a network had reduced substantially with this great move toward the cloud. Less talent is required for companies to establish an online platform to do their works online instead of having a lot of in-network applications. Less universal servers are built and more specific servers are built so hardware is utilised better through this industry and prices are reducing day by day to make it more tempting to shift to the cloud. Indications are showing that the future will be in the cloud. Controllex SuperCloud is a service provided by our team to our clients to have the best connection and computering ever delivered to an IOT client. In the early identity of the service is focusing on fast computing, and we are working on implementing a lot of artificial intelligence into this product. Controllex highly believe in cloud, so we are driving all our innovation toward cloud.

Last but not least, Open source software is the best contribution scientist can deliver to the world to shorten the race towards future. Open source community is becoming bigger and scientists are highly relying on it to validate their ideas. Instead of writing hundreds of lines of code they can use something ready then fine tune it toward proving their concept. Controllex is a big fan of open sources software, so we take it as a pride that we open source code in most of platforms among building it to deliver it to the public as part of our contribution to the community. We don’t deliver our fresh code directly, but in later stages we push it to the Internet for other people to use it. Controllex want to build open servers for the open source community in addition to the code and provide universal solutions end to end for free to empower individuals globally to build their own products and to be innovative.

In conclusion, with the increasing Internet speeds and the maturity of 3G and 4G networks, the world will connect more. And with the microcontrollers and microprocessors and the influence of these technologies on all types of devices and especially smart phones we will have a human with the power of a thousand. Cloud and open-source community and the great tools these industries are providing makes it obvious that the world will be a better place by time. Controllex wants to be the world most preferred brand and tries to catch up then lead these industries with simplicity and innovation.

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