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Since day one controllex has been driven through innovation in all of its applications. One in which was installation. We wanted to provide the best installation experience any company can ever deliver. Today our product can be installed in the least steps possible and in the most simple way. Designing a good experience and a wonderful user guide, and implementing it everywhere, In the box, app, youtube, and in the website. Still our female team mentioned that all the female segment would not buy our product due to the fact that it requires a setup. The thing that would take the charisma of any product. And here were the magic started.

We always start with the user experience, trying to defining the best experience possible to solve this problem. We thought that if we were able to visit our client in less than 2 hours it would increase the satisfaction of our client. We thought if our client care representative would apply the right attire we might increase the satisfaction rate too. We thought we want to personalize the relationship with our client, so if we added a small list of greetings and introduction to the product to our client care representatives it would be wonderful too.

Financially, it might be challenging to provide all of these things, covering one city like Riyadh with a good team to do the installation with a high quality experience was quite expensive. Ten cars with licensing and insurance, accommodation and administration, and many more expenses will exceed 1 million riyal and it’s not our core business. We thought it would be better if we started an Uber of our own to do installation and drive our focus on more added value approaches will help us scale better, and so we did.

Tarkeebat.com was our uber. We setup parameters to help us attract the best members to our network, like driver with 4.8 and above satisfaction rate among the Uber and Careem networks. Drivers with the the right attire and good characters, and those who like technology. We proudly did a wonderful job in attracting amazing members to our network and the way we did it was very interesting. All of the controllex team decided to stop using their cars and started using Uber and Careem to interview more drivers every day. Thankfully we attracted the best from these networks to our network.

Today, we have the technology and the right team to scale and acquire the highest satisfaction rate among the industry and we will try our best to invest more in making this solution open to all companies not only controllex.

Finally, it is our responsibility to be the best company in providing the best user experience to our clients, and we shall innovate more in the areas that will finetune our user experience to making it the best experience possible.

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